Move Out

May 24, 2015

On my last night in Washington DC I left the shades up on my bedroom window and my glass balcony door. I wanted to be able to look out onto my little piece of the city before the night carried me to morning, to moving day.

For almost a year I looked out across an alley to a rooftop garden tended to by the elderly couple that lived across the way. It was luck that we had chosen the one apartment on the seventh floor alley that looked out on an open garden rather than look directly into apartment windows of the building next to us- had I appreciated that enough?

For the weeks leading up to graduation I had been focused on who I was going to miss rather than what I was going to miss. In those moments before I fell asleep with my room almost bare and my dresser bubble wrapped next to me, I understood for the first time that DC had become my city in far more ways than just geographic location. I was going to miss it.

Because in truth, DC is more than a place that I lived, its a moment in time.

The city, its streets, its landmarks, its color, is anchored to the memories that line the passing of my four years at college. The Lincoln Memorial is my freshman year, while Twenty-Third Street is connected so closely my sophomore year. The walk around Washington Circle my junior year, U Street colors the summer. Running down Connecticut in DuPont will forever be senior year.

While I was connecting myself to all of these places I was spending a great deal of time saying, never DC, only New York. Nostalgia and hindsight have left me wishing that I hadn’t been overlooking Admo and Logan Circle to what may happen in the future. My fingers and toes are crossed that I do end up in New York City,but  I can’t help to acknowledge that I’ve never given the District enough credit.

Any of my snapchat friends can tell you I cried in the UHaul as my dad maneuvered it through Dupont. I was crying because I had just said goodbye to that garden terrace, my best friend and was in the process of saying goodbye to my city. I waved as I passed our Thursday night bar one last time.

As an homage to my four-year city, be on the look out for the P&S BEST OF DC tomorrow! There’s a guest blogger, some graphics, and a wide selection of memories, places & people from our last four years in the District. We couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you. 

little moments make you move,

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  • Reply Jess May 29, 2015 at 12:31 am

    I know EXACTLY how you feel! I’m preparing to live the city I’ve lived in for the past six years! I never expected to stay here this long either, I wanted to leave right after graduation, I always told myself that I’ve never stay here, but now that I’m moving, like ACTUALLY moving, it all feels so surreal! I’ve built up such a life here and I’m going to miss all those small things. But congrats on moving and pursuing your dreams! I hope you end up in NYC!!

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