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The Post Grad Diaries

June 5, 2015

DAY 19

Its been 13 days since I moved back to the burbs. Those 13 days feel like an eternity, not because I hate living in my childhood home where my the average light’s out is around 11:30 pm, but because I’ve (surprisingly) done so many things since getting here. Almost all of those things have to do with my attempt to turn in my post-grad identity, newly minted as it is, for a yopro identity.

I had a meeting at Condé Nast (swoon), an interview, I got my online portfolio up and running, I’ve tweaked my resumé no less than 27 times, spent too many hours on NJ Transit, sent in a handful of applications, read at least 976 magazines that I didn’t have time for during the school year, had dinner with a freelancer (and a fellow Villa gorilla) who’s showing me the ropes, and made a couple coffee dates for next week. Oh, and I went out one night and was home by 10, and also maybe got a little tipsy on a glass and a half of red wine at dinner the other night, but who’s judging?

Undoubtedly though, the most stress-inducing, nerve-wracking part of last week’s to-do list was: picking the interview outfit.

The Outfit

It was the first thing I thought about after getting an email asking me to come in for an interview. What was I going to wear? Would my penchant for leather have a home in my interview wardrobe? Could I pull off chic, sophisticated and savvy with the wardrobe I have- the one that hasn’t evolved as quickly as my personal style has?

Luckily, I’m living at home because when I went to my mother with these grievances she was the first to agree that my personal style had taken new form and we had a little shopping to do if it was going to be presented in all the right ways.

And since J Crew, as Jenna Lyon’s androgynous yet chic baby has evolved too, I went back to where my personal style began.


After much vacillation between navy pull-ons with a a racer stripe down the side and a pink silk blouse, it was decided that the silk jumpsuit and white linen blazer was the pairing to beat.  Not only because it looked good, but it made me feel good. It was the perfect power suit; I was ready for the interview because the navy silk on my skin made me feel ready for anything.



The Shoes

I’ve always found shoes to be the hardest part of any outfit. It may have a lot to do with my feeling most comfortable in my Tory Burch Black Patent Leather Sneakers, but it also may have a lot to do with never taking myself seriously enough to be a heel wearer. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to strut down Madison Ave in high heels? Its just about getting to the point of thinking you belong to the heel wearing class walking through Midtown Manhattan.

For this outfit and this industry, the heels were a necessity that I couldn’t afford to chicken out on. So, I jumped right in. Instead of playing it safe with a classic nude pump I found a shoe with an open back and an accent.




When I left the interview, I walked through Koreatown past tourists groups holding flags, menu stands promising crab legs and fresh fish, but I didn’t stop to throw on the sandals that I had come into the city wearing. Instead, I left my shoes on and thought about how someday it wouldn’t feel like I was faking.

Welcome to the Post Grad Diaries.