The To Do List

to do list2

1. Host a freshmen year floor reunion

2. Get to the top of the Washington Monument

3. An all day brunch, as many friends as possible

4. Explore Dumbarton Oaks, Georgetown

5. Picnic on the National Mall, May 2015

6. Truckeroo Food Truck Festival 

7. Find as many coffee shops as possible, Instagram accordingly

8. Drinks at POV,May 2015

9. Yoga on the Mall, May 2015

10. Yoga on Fridays, Corepower Feb-April

11. Drink the District event

12. Try caviar

13. See a show at The Kennedy Center

14. Sit on Einstein’s lap

15. Walk Arlington Cemetery in the morning, May 2015

16. Run up the Exorcist steps (or push someone down. looking at you, Greg)

17. Find a dive bar not frequented by GW students, Shenanigans, May 2015 (I got punched in the face)

18.  Try DC Bier Gardens, Saufhouse March 2015

 19. Volleyball on the mall

20. A tropical spring break, Mi•ami, March 2015

21. See a movie at E St. Cinema

22. Stay up all night,May 2015

23. Eat at 5 4 3 1 restaurants I’ve never tried before: Bernaise Jan. 2015, Red Apron Feb. 2015, Cafe Divan April 2015, Marvin May 2015, Charlie Palmer Steak May 2015

24. Try 5 different food trucks

25. Get invited to a party not hosted by a GW student, AU Law School Party (?), March 2015

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