two years ago on a cold january night, at the kitchen table of my childhood home, i wrote what would become the foundation of this little blog.

the peony effect was born on the understanding that peonies themselves, for most of their lives, are suspended in the moments before their world bursts into beauty. before they are the large showy flowers we know and love, they are turned into themselves with an inward facing reality and an outward pulling momentum. the peony effect is potential. the peony effect promised to find beauty in all the mistakes and the bumps along my college road beginning the winter of my sophomore year.

and now peonies and subtleties is graduating.

here, the crossroads are more defined. turn left for grad school. pass go. skip a turn. be tossed out on your behind. puddle jump to new york for an interview. take the first offer. wait for the offer you want. the offer comes. or it doesn’t.

alongside all the stress of reaching a fork in the road without any defined directions though, will be nostalgia-fueled carpe diem. free time is running out and there’s no question that the pressure will produce a pile of diamonds. senior year. we’ll drink to that. we’ll laugh to that. we’ll celebrate the city we’ve been so lucky to call home. our college lives will bloom, because our season has finally come.

the final year series will document both the stresses and the celebrations that senior year brings. if there was ever a time to blog about potential, it’s right now.

i look forward to you coming along for the ride. and as always, little moments make you big.






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