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September 2015

First Day of Fall: Expectations vs. Reality

September 23, 2015

day 139

In May, back when the post grad day count was in the single digits, I was in the car with my future roomie talking about our big plans of jobs and apartments and eating ramen for far more consecutive nights than socially acceptable. It was then that we decided fall was our target. By the time the leaves started to change and vests reemerged, we would be searching for our little part of the big city.

Well, fall’s here kids. Fall’s here and my future roomie is tapping her proverbial foot requesting that I please get on with finding a job to pay for said little space in the big city. What I tossed around so easily, “September. October at the latest,” reminds me that my active imagination doesn’t always come to fruition. So, on this first day of fall and the end of the grace period, here’s my expectations vs. my reality.

expectation v. reality




Month Four Taylor, On Not Going Back to School (Sort Of)

September 18, 2015

Taylor First Year Photo

Taylor Name Plate

day 134. Went ‘back to school’ in a minivan

Breathe in. Breathe out. Ahhh. I am so happy to be back.

Since you last heard from me, my life has managed to flip and flop and turn itself upside down like a shitty bundt cake. New job, new city; new home, roommates, routine, new nail salon, new coffee spot (these last two are of utmost importance): new normal. Wild to think that this tiny crater of the Internet moon could make me feel so at home and so like cool, confident me – but then again, little moments make you big, don’t they?

Isn’t it frightening how much can change in such a short amount of time?

Isn’t it frightening how much can change in such a short amount of time? I almost envy the Pre Graduation Taylor whose biggest complaint was that she “just needs change already!”

Then I remember that the greatest variation during my days living at home in my post-grad, pre-job limbo was which flavor of creamer I wanted in my coffee each morning. Suddenly, not having any coffee because I woke up too late again and had to rush to work doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Here’s the skinny,* which I’ve so dexterously organized into list form (being a professional has taught me the power of being brief):

  1. Unlike many of my comrades, I don’t live in the corporate world; I live in a much scarier, riskier, sweatier place: the start-up world. A few months ago I wrote an article for a start-up publication website, The Rival, about a start-up delivery service, goPuff. If back then I knew that said article would lead me to my most current position as goPuff’s Social Media Manager, Kelly would’ve had this article on time when she asked for it over a week ago. Alas, I did not know and still have zero time management skills, so here we are.
  2. I’ll always be a New Yorker (my affinity for graphic t-shirts and purposefully distressed Knicks hats won’t let you forget it), but I won’t always live in New York. My new home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sure, the Declaration of Independence was signed here, but all 56 of those signatures belonged to bigoted, elitist white men who in addition to birthing the United States also birthed the pronunciation of water as “wood-er” and gas stations that serve (admittedly delicious) sandwiches. It’s a strange place that I submit may need me to shake it up. And for the times when I’m the one who needs to be shaken up, The City (there’s only one – you know either get this or you don’t) is a quick couple of New York minutes away.
  3. Number 1 and 2 could not have been further from “brief,” so I’ll end this tangent here.

Four paragraphs later, I should admit now that real reason we’re all here isn’t to hear me ramble (not entirely, anyway). The existential topic at hand: how the first-years are feeling about not returning to school for the first time?

Well, sorry to rain on your thoughtfully outlined parade BossKelly, but joke’s on you, because I did return to school this year!

My unorthodox fifth year went something like this: the first project I was assigned as Social Media Manager was on the Go Puff Yourself Tour (it’s okay, you can laugh), in which goPuff’s marketing team took to college campuses across Philly, Boston and DC for some guerilla warfare promoting. For me, that meant back to GW! On the first day of school! Surrounded by people I equally adored and abhorred! Wearing a brand new outfit! One that read “goPuff” on it! …Maybe the joke’s on me.

All jokes aside, the return to my alma mater did leave me reeling. There I was, right smack in the heart of the place I called home for four years, tangled up in classrooms and cafeterias and kids trying to find their way to “Smith? Where’s Smith? Anybody?!” Education was all around me, a waft of learnedness in the thick Foggy Bottom air, and I couldn’t feel it. Because it wasn’t for me anymore. Just the frizz swirling above my hairline. That was definitely for me.

Isn’t it frightening how much can change in such a short amount of time? I almost envy Pre Graduation Taylor who’s biggest complaint was that she “just wants to read a scholarly article on something other than queer theory or gender binaries already!” Then I remember that I have no marketing experience for my new marketing job, accidently call my 22-year old “boss” a shithead, apologize and request that he teach me everything he knows, and suddenly, not being back at school doesn’t feel so bad after all.

Because I still have a lot to learn, but this time, I’m excited it won’t be in the classroom. Real world: let’s get real.

*Why do we call it this? We should be saying “here’s the big fat fatso,” because nothing happening in my life right now, including but not limited to my body mass index and workload, is anything close to undernourished or small.

Interview Prep, A Schedule

September 15, 2015

day 129/130

for all those that use this as reference for the length of time we have been ‘real people,’ today is in fact, day 131, yesterday was 130 and the day before was 129. Ya dig? 

Day 130 was the day of my most recent phone interview. Sort of.

day 129.75

2:58pm: meet my parents in the most architecturally inspiring mcdonalds somewhere in western, va. we are close to west virginia, I can feel it in my bones. buy h20, say goodbye to dc (for the 10th time since day 1) and hop in the car.

4:42pm: stop in md for chex mix. think that I should reach in the back and get my laptop to start interview prep and then remember car wifi is not a thing, but car sickness is. try to sleep, mom is telling me about a ballet documentary she watched on a plane.

6:47pm: head bob so hard that I smack said head on the window. a nap is now out of the picture.

7:30pm: tell my grandma for the sixth time that no, I do not want tortellini soup, I have just come to retrieve the dog. somehow she knows about the interview. yes, its at 11:30 tomorrow, grandma.

8:00pm: pull out my laptop and special notebook reserved for interview notes. On the cover it says “chase your dreams, you might catch one.”  could I be more heart wrenchingly literal?

8:30pm: carbo load.

9:45pm: exit a dark tunnel lined with case studies, an open office floor plan and a really healthy sized vimeo account via the whistling of the tea kettle. meditate on how not to get my hopes up while drinking from a mug my mother has had since she was 22.

11:00pm: get into long philosophical conversation about ‘the kind of writing I want to do,’ as if I have any choice. then spend at least 5 minutes explaining how I can still be excited without getting my hopes up. I get my hopes up in doing so.

day 130//day of

8:30am: wake up. it is christopher robbins blustery which makes me happy because: flannels.

8:42am: dad thinks I should work out to ‘get pumped.’ I agree (sort of). I go on a brisk walk because I am a soccer mom who lives in suburbia.

9:00am: my brisk walk is short. as in I walked back and my dad said, “are you kidding me?” I was not, sir, kidding.

9:55am: open my email to confirm that my phone call is at 11:30 (in which case I will be sitting in front of my computer, phone poised at the ready by no later than 11:12). all I really confirm is that my interview was at 11:30 but is in fact no longer at 11:30.

9:55:13am: I throw my hands to the ceiling (mom gives me a look like lord help the man..) because dammit my hopes were up again. I reread the email. My interviewer is sick, BUT they want to reschedule!! Reschedule!!

9:55:53am: Email them back saying that I am “so flexible in my schedule. I can talk at anytime.” This would have at one point in my life hurt my ego; I now use it as my mating dance for future employers.

10:11am: She thanks me for my flexibility (!!) and asks if Wednesday will work. It works.

Rinse & Repeat.




My Job Hunt Skinny (& Some Made Up Stats)

September 8, 2015

day 124

I sat down and asked myself some questions that I  already know the answers to. I articulated them in hyperlinks and sarcasm for all of you:

What I’m Looking For: editorial assistant position for magazines, books or digital content (orsomething that will prep me for editorial like a closet job)

Where I’m Looking: new york city & san francisco (but don’t tell my mom)Cartwheel 1

Cartwheel 2

Cartwheel 3

What I’m Using: job boards like ed2010, indeed, media bistro, muse, linkedin etc. 

How Positive I’m Feeling On a Scale of Shamwow Salesman to Debbie Downer: nicki minaj after not getting a vma nod (read: snarling)

How My Expectations Have Changed: getting an email response feels like Christmas morningnow after getting ghosted so many times. Actual words addressed to yours truly means my resumé didn’t fall into a black abyss, like most (of mine) do

How Many Times I’ve Edited My Resume Since May: No more than 1,234 and no less than 967 times

What’s Important In a Job: Not that I can be picky, but in any role I land, I want to be pushed creatively on a regular basis

How Many Times Have You Gotten Dry Mouth In An Interview: how many interviews have I had?

Who Tells You To Enjoy Your Free Time: those people whose credit cards are not subtly hidden in my wallet (**for emergencies and gas and sometimes pizza only**) and also my mom

What You Actually Do With Your Free Time: complain about having writer’s block until no one listens anymore and so I talk to my blank word doc, stalk my one friend in stalking distance, stand on my father’s office desk and stomp my feet

How Boredom And Aggression Are Manifesting: road rage & rosé

How Close Have You Come To Landing A Gig: contents-of-this-mirror-are-closer-than-they-appear close. like me v. interviewee #2. #2 won

How You Took It: I revamped this blog. 


What the F is up with P&S?

September 1, 2015

day 117What the F is up with PS

Here are things that I know: it is September, I am not at school, it has been 117 days since GW threw me out, I’ve never felt sorry for myself so many days in a row and the salad I had today for lunch had cilantro on it, even though I asked for it without.

Here are things you, as readers, do not know: what the f is up with p&s, what I’ve been doing besides not getting a job, where #thefirstyears went for the whole month of august, and why I didn’t send my salad back, even though I asked for no cilantro.

Well, kids, I’m here to shed some light on some of the things you don’t knowWhen people ask me why there haven’t been any posts (which to my surprise actually happens) I usually rotate through a list of five excuses. Or five lies. Which I will share with you now:

  1. “I’ve been really struggling to find inspiration out here in the burbs.”
  2. “Applying to jobs is honestly a full time job in itself. But literally.”
  3. “I’m really focusing on other writing… No, I can’t tell you what kind.”
  4. “I have to pick my grandpa up from dialysis… No, not every morning, but a lot, ok?”
  5. “My mom’s home for the summer and I’m spending as much time as I can with her!!!!!!”

Sure, I did want to spend time with my mom, but more often than not she was asking me to stop poking her and parodying this Family Guy clip. No, the truth of why I was ghosting p&s had everything to do with my big cloud of can’t-find-a-job-feel-bad-for-myself stink that has been following me around everywhere.

So, here’s the plan. I’m approaching this with a work through the pain attitude. I’m going to  put some paddles on this little blog and shock it right back to semi-existence on the inter-webs. We’ll start by bringing back the four ladies we’ve come to know and love with a September #thefirstyears focused on not going back to school for the first time. Then I’ll amp up The Post Grad Diaries to actually do what its name suggests; I’ll  be chronicling what it is I’m doing, saying, thinking and panicking about. And if I have an interview, you’ll get to see what I wear.

Next, under the umbrella of #thepostgraddiaries, I’ll be sharing with you my tips and stories (or just what not to do’s) on personal finance. As I learn, you’ll learn. As I budget, you will laugh at me. Like sry, why did no one ever teach me about important things like cosigners and credit and HOW NOT TO BE A DEBTOR.

Then, you’ll read this post I wrote in second person (because why not) on day 73 about withdrawal because its still applicable at day 117. And it just so happens that it was a Tuesday, so it works out.

And if you’re feeling interested, check out my summer according to photos here.

Photos is courtesy of Cameron Lancaster, check him out here.


September 1, 2015

DAY 73


with•draw•al                                                                                                                                                                                                        noun
: an act of moving something away or taking something away

: an act of ending your involvement in something

: the act of taking money out of the bank

There are a lot of things people tell you about leaving college. In the days leading up to graduation you hear, enjoy it while it lasts, these are the best years of your life (!), don’t rush getting a job! And then there are a lot of things that people say after you graduate: don’t worry, you’ll find something, you’re a smart girl any company would be lucky to have you (!!!), and things only get better from here.

It’s not that you don’t believe that all of the above are genuine sentiments. Perhaps the nurse at your pediatrician’s office, after telling you that you’re too old to be there anymore, really does think that you’ll find something and that your life will turn out as perfectly as  you’ve imagined it. And yet, something falls flat each time your unemployed ears receive those stock signals.

Because, what about the withdrawal? Why doesn’t anyone say anything about that?

It could be that most people that you’re coming into contact with are too far removed to remember to say the other important things that should follow the niceties, like acknowledging that graduates have just ended our involvement in something that defined us and shaped us and made us grow and shrink and cut our hair and fall in and out of friendships and love with people and the place that we called home for 4 years.

In some moments this act of moving away feels like it could crush you, because it feels much more like moving backwards than just away. There are times at 2:30 pm on a Tuesday when you’re sitting home alone because most everyone is working (including your little sister) that the crushing feeling turns into this intense need to sit on the horrible Ikea couch from your first semi-real apartment eating chocolate pudding with your best friend just like you did (too much) when you were back at school.

And sometimes, when waiting for the yay/nay response from a company that you’d kill to work at is reaching the ominous you did not get the job timing territory, you feel like the only correct thing to do is get in the car and drive south on 95, pretending that there aren’t new people living in your apartment and that most of your friends don’t live in Chinatown or New York or Philly, anywhere besides the place that brought you together.

You feel weird about having these feelings because no one told you that all of this missing could affect your mood or your day. You’ve never felt directionless in your life and you’re unaccustomed to the unmoored thing that suggests floating and flitting and maybe going a little stir crazy that no one wants you to dock your boat alongside their’s. You wonder if you will ever make enough money to cover what you withdrew during a post-grad-denial romp in New York. You think that someone should at least tell you, at more than one point during this whole thing, that you’ll miss the comfort of all the old things. You hope that some time soon something exciting and new falls into place and it forces you to grow and fall in love and cut your hair and learn things that you couldn’t back when you were the old you.

And then you think that you may want to stop feeling bad for yourself because maybe the negative mojo is effecting your  job applications.

Feature image was taken by Cam Lancaster, check out his stuff here.