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April 29, 2015

This morning people everywhere threw on their favorite pair of jeans in a show of support for survivors of sexual assault as well as a call for sexual assault education. Today, I wear my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans knowing that each rip is a reminder that there is never an excuse.

Peace Over Violence along with Guess Jeans is sponsoring this moment of jean-clad solidarity that has been covered on social media by Vogue, J.Crew, Jean Stories and countless other tastemakers in the US.

Sure, I’m no Condé Nast, but I would be remiss not to use this moment as a call to action to all of the women and men that read this blog, especially those of us still living on college campuses. There isn’t ever an excuse. No jeans are too tight, too low cut or too ripped.

So, throw on your favorite pair of jean cut-off’s and know that you’re wearing them with a purpose,




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On My Mind, Turning 22

April 27, 2015

This year my birthday isn’t only synonymous with the end of the year as it always is, its synonymous with the end of college. So, maybe that’s why I haven’t been feeling too excited about it. I’m usually someone that prattles on about their birthday from April 1st until at least April 30th (2 days after the festivities). This year during my birthday week I’m turning 22, ending work, being sent off by my sorority and wishing my 1st friend from home congrats on their graduation. Here’s what’s floating around my mind on this big, big birthday week:

 1. the number 22

For every person that’s ever used ‘I’m feeling 22,’ as their Instagram caption on their birthday, I must pose a question: what does 22 feel like exactly? Because I’m still trying to figure out what 21 feels like other than being very confident that when standing in line for Madhatter on a Thursday night they will let me in. Whatever 22 feels like I think its going to look like some Mexican food and giant margaritas with my favorite girls & a package I got in the mail from my parents on Saturday. I’ll report back if Tuesday morning I wake up and want to dance like I’m 22.

2. senior sendoff, dc

Every year Alpha Phi throws a Senior Sendoff where littles read letters to graduating bigs recapping embarrassing stories, sharing how much they’ll miss them and wishing them well on whatever step they’re taking next. When you’re freshmen and sophomores, its easy to feel disconnected from what’s going on. Being a senior or having your big be a senior seems incredibly far away and irrelevant. But here we are kids, its my turn for my face to be up on a slide show while my little and glittle say nice things about me. Tears and photos to follow.


3. last week of work, dc

An On My Mind from winter break let you all know that I had scored an editorial internship at DC Magazine from January to April. From the time of that On My Mind I’ve learned a lot, compiled a ton of calendars, sent out countless image requests and got some truly invaluable experience and real-life published clips. The end of my time there really snuck up on me; I can’t believe its over!


4. my first congrats, tuscaloosa, al.

On May 1st my first friend walks across a stage to get her diploma. As Cassie gets her diploma from the University of Alabama the Class of 2011 has officially transformed to the Class of 2015. Cass, congrats on your big day, I’m so proud of you for finishing up your studies in the gym, Chik Fil A and Phi Mu. Now that you’re officially official the panic over here in DC will officially ensue. Roll Tide!


A Planner With No Plan (& No Job)

April 23, 2015

The Last Year Series Body

Yesterday I was standing alongside the canal in Georgetown talking to my dad on the phone before walking into yoga. We were talking happy hours, family vacation and my impending move-out of my first big kid apartment.

“We can really move you out whenever,” he said. “Its not like you have any commitments after graduation, right?”

At face value what he said was completely true; after May 18th time becomes even more fluid. There is no schedule. There is no start date. What my father didn’t realize was that he was articulating exactly what’s so scary to me about the concept of graduating without a job.

I’m a planner by nature. No matter how hard I try to be flexible, I find it difficult to deviate from a plan. Throughout high school, there was always a next step to get to, something expected that you had to achieve. Senior year of high school was spent jumping from deadline to deadline, and while I complained about its stressors, I liked the methodical schedule of the steps to college.

Being a senior this time around hasn’t afforded me the benefit of knowing “the correct steps to take next.” ThereCountdown are no universal ‘right steps.’ All of my friends and fellow class members are going about finding their futures differently; it’s a non-scheduable process.

So, with only 23 days left before undergrad is over I’m planning what I can. I’m planning when to send out a slew
of cold emails asking people I’ve never met to chat about entry-level opportunities. I’m scheduling coffee dates with people who can help navigate the landscape of what a post-grad journalism life look like. I booked a hair appointment so my hair looks acceptable in graduation photos (thanks for that Mom). I made all of my dinner reservations for graduation weekend weeks ago.

In between reserving a place at Farmers, Fishers and Bakers and booking an appointment to regain my lob though, I’m also trying to coax myself into the mindset that unscheduled doesn’t mean unsuccessful. Perhaps it means one really great trip across the Atlantic with my family free of responsibilities. Maybe it means writing for myself for a bit while I scour Indeed and Media Bistro.

Or maybe I should stop trying to define the time I’ve been afforded between graduation and employment because perhaps its unscheduled for a reason.

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Senioritis Sundays

April 20, 2015

Sunday6Sundays have always been my favorite day. At home, it was the day that all of us would end up in the family room or on the back deck (depending on the season) for a little bit of down time before the week geared up again. I know that Sundays mean homework and the close of a weekend, but I relish in the subdued feeling that this day brings.

Of course, Sundays require balance. Homework is a necessity. Gearing up for the week is rarely an option. My type A personality allows little to no room for loafing around when my workload is heavy.

But, here’s the funny thing about being a senior; nothing seems to be nagging at me with as much force as it should be. Homework? It’ll get done. Transcribing 6 interviews before Tuesday night? Sure, but later.

This mindset is a total departure from who I was as an undergrad and I can’t lie I’m digging it. So, yesterday I took out my To Do List and figured a Sunday with final papers around the corner would be a day well spent at Dumbarton Oaks.

Evidently, so did the every person over the age 60 in the Georgetown area. The line was at least 20 minutes long to pay the entrance fee and I was a bit crunched for time. I didn’t end up getting to actually go in. So, instead I knocked another restaurant off the To Do List (post to follow) and walked around a part of Georgetown that I had never seen before. I cheated a bit and ventured off into Dumbarton Oaks Park where dogs were running around and I felt, for one of the first times, truly sad to be leaving this city behind in just a few short weeks. 

Perhaps I wouldn’t have felt that if I had stayed home and done my homework.









On My Mind, Spring has Sprung

April 14, 2015

Yes, spring has finally sprung here in the District. In fact, it skated right past ‘spring’ yesterday and (according to my snapchat filters) hovered somewhere around 78 degrees. All I can say is, hallelujah! My pale skin is gearing itself up for sunburn season while I’m starting to crave all the good food spring and summer bring. My mind is outside this week, even though its raining today:

1. allergies

The cherry blossoms have bloomed which is great for the DC Tourism Beaureau but questionable for my sinuses. Then again, its not just me, there’s sniffling going on everywhere. If I had the budget I would buy every person on the Metro, in the library, in the gym and on the street those pocket packet of tissues so that I didn’t have to listen to a chorus of sniff pause sniff pause (repeat forever). I was sniffling myself on Saturday fighting the crowds at the Tidal Basin to catch a glimpse of just how beautiful DC is in the spring.

P&S Cherry Blossoms

2. running outside

This time last year I was training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, but I can’t say that I’ve kept up with running. Since then I’ve fallen in love with Corepower Yoga/Sculpt. There was seemingly no room in my life for my old Georgetown loop, but yesterday it was just too nice to put myself into a 105 degree room. I went on a jog with my best friend and remembered why training for last year’s half was so rewarding. It felt good to breathe fresh air and see the rest of DC stirring. Here’s a throw back from running around last year:

P&S Half Marathon

3. heirloom tomatoes

The second the sun comes out and the air warms up a bit I crave tomatoes. I don’t know if this is because during my childhood summers my mother would stop in at Ashley Farms and pick us up tomatoes, warm from the sun, to eat as we ran around the backyard. Whatever it is though, I ate them all weekend. I capped it off with a little pasta, heirloom tomatoes and ricotta cheese for dinner last night. It was almost as if I was sitting on the patio at home.


4. dumbarton oaks

I wasn’t kidding, going outside is all over On My Mind this week. The weather for Saturday says 73 and cloudy but I’m hoping it clears up because I want to finally take a stroll through this Georgetown staple. Since we all know flowers are my favorite things (ie. peonies) why wouldn’t I take Saturday morning to drink a coffee, take some photos and stroll through the gardens? Plus, its on the To Do List.


Easter Weekend

April 7, 2015

I have a theory that calories don’t count when you’re at home. Part of this theory comes from the fact that by the time I make it home to New Jersey I’m so starving from my lack of cooking ability that I need to eat every good (or bad) thing in sight. Another side of the theory is that you’re never more comfortable than you are at home; no one is going to say a thing to you when you eat a quarter of an Easter Bread loaf by yourself.

My Feature Writing professor always says that food is the texture of a culture. He has a point. Food is an anchor to tradition. Passing down a recipe through the generations of a family is as much a connection as a bloodline. While, I’m not great in the kitchen and the running joke of the family is that eating is the only work I really do, I love to be there watching a tradition run deeper into our family with each passing year.

This year Kitty missed Easter Bread so I had to take on a bit more responsibility: pouring all the pre-measured flour, sugar and spices was all on me.

Then Katie came home and the whole family got together on Easter morning for eggs, easter bread and coffee in white tea cups.

P&S Easter 1

P&S Easter 5

P&S Easter 2

P&S Easter 3

P&S Easter 7

P&S Easter 6

P&S Easter 8


Easter Day

P&S Easter 9

P&S Easter 10

P&S Easter 11

P&S Easter 12

On My Mind, Headed Home

April 1, 2015

With the sun shining (and the wind blowing) I have spring on my mind this week: patio happy hours, walks to Georgetown, picnic on the mall. But this will all have to be done next week because everything On My Mind on these first few days of April has a lot to do with heading home for the weekend. Easter will be the first time my family has all be home together, or really in the same time zone for that matter, since January. Here’s what’s going on this April Fools week.

1. heading home, nj

My mom’s flying in from England. I’m taking a train from DC. And my sister and my dad are hopping on a puddle jumper from South Carolina to Jersey. The last few months have been kind of crazy with everyone in, what feels like, constant motion. My sister has been in Paris, my mother in Singapore, my dad in Germany just to name a few. Its never felt like too much, but it will be nice to go home to Jersey and wake up knowing that my dad will end the day in his leather chair, my mom will fall asleep on the couch and Kitty and I will end up watching Friends.

P&S Map Home

2. easter bread, nj

It wouldn’t be an Italian holiday if there wasn’t some sort of food-oriented tradition surrounding it. For easter, its easter bread. This is a treat that I wait all year round for, and the best thing is that with its mix of anise and sherry, its an acquired taste meaning I don’t have to share it with any of my friends when I inevitably bring back one of the 12 loaves we make. Photos from our family get-together to make the bread to come; its always one of my favorite ways to celebrate the spring season!

3. diy easter eggs, nj

Pinterest has me thinking about trying some new things with our easter eggs this year. How does pastel colors with gold glitter designs sound? It sounds fun and exciting to me. To my tradition enforcing sister it may sound like I’m cheating on the PAZ and vinegar that we’ve used to color our eggs in our grandparent’s old coffee mugs since we were little. Perhaps we’ll compromise and do a little of both.


4. april, the roman calendar

Can you believe that tomorrow is the start of my 22nd April? That’s right kids, it’s birthday month. This year, its not only birthday month though. Its the stick-everything-in-while-you-can month, and I have a feeling that attempting to do so will prove very fun. Plus, tomorrow is April Fools which I never participate in voluntarily, but did get to write a fun piece on for the school newspaper!

P&S loves April